Delmas F. Campbell (05-02-2015)

Delmas Campbell originates from Jamaica but has lived in the United States for more than 40 years. He moved to Atlanta from Pennsylvania in August 2014. A teacher for 28 years, Delmas has taught only at Seventh-day Adventist schools -- Northeastern Academy, Pine Forge Academy and currently at Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, where he is a math instructor. He also has taught in Bermuda.

Delmas has a daughter who is graduating from Pine Forge Academy this year and plans to attend Pacific Union College. He is engaged to be married in September. His fiancee, who lives in England, plans to relocate to Atlanta after the wedding and continue pursuing her career in obstetrics and gynecology.

Delmas said he enjoys church, worshiping the Lord and serving the Lord. He said worship at Berean is vibrant, inspiring, motivating and uplifting. With a deep and sincere appreciation for good music, particularly hymns, Delmas can’t constrain himself on Sabbaths, especially during the morning hymn. A chorister since the age of 10, he often is seen vigorously directing hymns and other music from his pew in the congregation. He said the excellent musicians bring out his passion to direct and conduct good music.

If Delmas could ask anything of God, he said it would be, "Give me my own glimpse of heaven, glimpse of things eternal ... I’d like to see those elements of heaven -- the throne, Jesus, all that for myself. My own vision. My own glimpse. My own personal dream."

Delmas enjoys reading Ellen White’s writings. "When she’s in vision and sees heaven and the throne and sees God, my mind sees what she sees. But I’m seeing her vision. I want my own personal vision. This has been a desire of mine for a long time."

Delmas and his fiancee will decide their membership after they marry. We hope to see their "Faces in the Pews" every week here at Berean. -- Burdie Henri
Delmas F. Campbell (05-02-2015)