David Stewart, Jr.(non-registered)
I pop in sometimes to look at your photos, to see the familiar faces and the quality of the shots. I miss you guys. Keep up the good work. Pray for us at the University Church as we follow in your footsteps in our ministry.
Willie G Davis Jr.
This is a great ministry. Worship in pictures. I would offer one suggestion, it who be great to place individuals name with some of the photos. While many faces are familiar, do not know the name of everyone. This would allow many to put name to face. Thanks. Continue the great work!
James Barrera(non-registered)
Wonderful church and praises at your church
Pat Ramon(non-registered)
I think that the gallery ministry is wonderful! I am blessed every time I look at it. Thanks so much for this ministry.
D. Edwards(non-registered)
I really really enjoy my worship experience at berean. The Holy Spirit moved mightly upon Pastor Lola Moore today. Awesome!
Dr. W. Joseph Thomas(non-registered)
I too just became a member of the Berean SDA Church on April 19, 2014, Easter weekend. I remain humbled by God's unchanging hand; His Love, Mercy and Grace.

The photo/media ministry has been a blessing to and for me as it has captured the moment before and after I was re-consecrated to our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ! I fall in love with Him anew every time I view the pictures that you've taken. Thank you again for the all too important work that you do.

May God continue to bless!
Marilyn Cannon(non-registered)
I just became a new member @BSDA and I am so excited to start work in some level of the ministry which I am leaning on Jesus for his directio. I have felt so welcomed since I became a member. I look forward to fellowshiping with my new church family.
Aileen Leitch(non-registered)
I watch your services on Churchpond every Sabbath. Your ministry is such a wonderful blessing for many of us.
Solomon E. Sweeney(non-registered)
Last Sabbath service was a blessing through music. Much was given in song and over flow of blessings of the Holy spirit really filled the church body of Christ. Amen
Currine Harris(non-registered)
What an awesome ministry! I am proud to direct anyone -- friends, relatives, and loved ones -- to visit this site. A true blessing!
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