(Official Berean Photography (c) 2012 by Burdie Henri)


Atlanta Berean


Photography Requests


Internal:  Ministries/Departments

  1. Internal departments/ministries may request photographers to cover their church-sponsored events.  A request must be submitted two weeks in advance of the event/activity directly to Photography Ministry Coordinator ([email protected]) for scheduling.
  2. Images posted on the Photography website may be obtained for internal use for church announcements, Adventist publications and event slideshows.   A request with selected images identified must be submitted at least 7 days in advance directly to Photography Ministry Coordinator. If submitted less than 7 days (and for other purposes) a small fee will be required. 
  3. Photographers are available for private events such as weddings, anniversaries, funerals, etc.  Request can be submitted to Photography Ministry Coordinator.  A photographer will contact you for private negotiations.  Members may also contact and negotiate directly with any of our photographers.

External – guest performers/speakers

  1. Photography ministry may provide, at its discretion, a complementary digital copy of one image to each performing group/individual/speaker with link to gallery.
  2. Additional images are available on PM website or may be purchased directly from photographer at photographer’s rate.


To request a Berean Photographer for a special event/program (complete this form):