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August 7, 2010SABBATH CELEBRATION - PROGRAM* Musical Prelude - Musicians* Call to Worship - Elder Arthur Jones (Psalm 100);* Introit - Praise Team* Processional - Ministers/Elders/Officers* Doxology - Congregation* Sabbath Commandment - Congregation (Exodus 20:8-11)* Invocation - Elder Courthney Russell, Sr.* Welcome - Benedict & Phyllis Telesford* Hymn of Worship - Elder James Williams(Hymn #422 Marching to Zion")* Pastoral Prayer - Pastor Linwood Stone* Musical Selection - Open Praise Choir* Offertory - Elder Frank Jones* Children's Chapel - Tony Gomez* Sermon - Dr. Carlton P. Byrd* Closing Hymn - Elder Curtis Hall (Hymn #632 "Until Then")* Benediction - Elder Eddie J. Hall
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