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March 19, 2011SABBATH CELEBRATION - PROGRAM* Musical Prelude - Musicians* Call to Worship - Elder Jared Johnson(Psalm 29:1-2);* Introit - Praise Team* Processional - Ministers/Elders/Officers* Doxology - Congregation* Sabbath Commandment - Congregation (Exodus 20:8-11)* Invocation - Elder Irvin Bishop* Welcome - Danielle Revelien* Hymn of Worship - Elder Charles Cunningham (Hymn #334 "Come Thou Fount"* Pastoral Prayer - Pastor Linwood Stone* Musical Selection - Central States Univ. Choir* Offertory - Elder Jennifer McCurdy* Children's Chapel - Sis. Kim Gaiter* Sermon - Dr. Carlton P. Byrd* Benediction - Elder Baron Finlayson
waiting in the lobby for a seatmore greeters greeting membersservice is ending . . .Greeters giving salutationsExiting the doorsthe saints leaving churchMLP_2656MLP_2664MLP_2666MLP_2670MLP_2679MLP_2682MLP_2683MLP_2685media control roommeda control roomLower levellower levellower levelMLP_2718