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Taste of Berean, International Day Evening SocialOfficial Berean SDA Church Photo by (c)David Stewart, Jr.
Daddie & Mommie With Little OnesBCJA Senior Apart Of EventWestend Student Apart Of EventBerean Student Tries To Play The Kettle DrumsBerean Member From JamaicaPlease Checkout The Ladies HatBerean Husband & Wife Shows Off Their Country's OutfitBerean Member Shows Off Her Country's DressBrazilin Berean Church MembersChurch Member Enjoying The Different Country FoodsChurch Member Shows Off Her Country's DressBerean Members Wants To Show Us That She Can Walk With A Head PieceWestend & Berean Youth Shows Different Country StepsTwo Sisters Show Their Country DressTony G. Looks Like He Is Having A Great TimeBerean Little One Looks Alittle Confused With The Different Country OutfitsChurch Member Shows Off Her Country DressChurch Members Steve, Wife & Children Show Off Their Country OutfitsChurch Member Jeff Showing Us That He Cook AlittleTwo Church Members Discussing The Different Country Outfits