The Pathfinders had an awesome time at Sweetwater Creek State Park, 1750 Mt. Vernon Road Lithia Springs, GA 30122. Approximately70 individuals attended our inaugural Day in Nature. The Lord truly answered our prayers by holding off the rain and the day was absolutely beautiful!!! We plan to do more of these in the future.
9:00 AM Welcome/Opening Prayer/Song Service
9:30 AM Unit Classes (Pathfinders will separate for class activities with counselor)
11:00 AM Divine Worship (Each unit will give a 15 minute presentation on activity discussed at the morning session)
12:30 PM Lunch (the club will provide the lunch)
1:30 PM Hike/Free Time
3:00 PM Camping Workshops (Camping workshops will be done by TLTs assisted by staff member (see schedule below). There will be 10 stations and a small group of Pathfinders will be at each station. Club members will be at each station for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the small group will rotate to the next station. Within the 3.5 hour time period, the small group would've rotated to all 10 stations.
6:30 PM Closing Prayer/Dismissal (the club will also provide a snack as the Pathfinder departs)
Please see the session times below:
Session Times: 3:00--3:20--3:40--4:00--4:20--4:40--5:00--5:20--5:40--6:00
Below are the names of the staff members and the TLT's assigned to participate in the camping workshops:
1) Dir. Smith & Jamir Gates-Selecting Tent Site & Pitching Tent
2) Counselor Watkins & Monica Cadet- Eight things to do when lost
3) Dep. Dir. Fleming & Willie Davis, III-Proper way to handle sleeping bag while camping
4) Dep. Dir. Scurry & J.B. Holmes-Know & practice fire safety rules
5) Counselor A. Bracy & Dylan Cadet-Review 6 points in selection of a good campsite
6) Counselor Ken Gray & Darren Hart-Lay Fires and tell their uses
7) Counselor M. Bracy & Jonathan Smith-Correct techniques for starting a fire
8) Counselor Riley & Marcellus-Know and practice the safety rules in camping
9) Counselor Brown & Julian Gates-Proper procedures for washing and keeping cooking and eating utensils clean.
10) Counselor Hickman & Rachel Shaw/Ebauni Haskins-Proper care and storage of camp foods & how to build various cashes to protect from animals.
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