Pastor Benjamin & Mrs. Lerine P. Cummings

On October 10, 2015, this couple celebrated 50 years of marriage. Together they have 2 married adult children and 3 grandchildren who lives in New York. Their daughter, April Garcy, is a nurse; and their son Benjamin Bernard, a police officer. They have been members at Berean since 2005 after Pastor Cummings retired from the Northeastern Conference, and they relocated back to GA.

Mrs. Cummings is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Piano Instructor (she’s taught in schools and private lessons). She still teaches piano and currently has 15 students. Mrs. Cummings is studying organ at Spellman with Dr. Joyce Johnson.
My Happiest Moment: “When I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ while attending the Baptist Church I was a member of. One Sunday when the pastor was giving his appeal, and the choir was singing “All to Jesus I Surrender”, I decided then to fully surrender my life to the Lord at age 18. The following year, I learned about the SDA Church in Youngstown, OH and took Bible Studies from Pastor Aaron Brogden (deceased) who baptized me. Truly I can say that falling in love with’ Jesus brought me abundant happiness, and is the best thing that I have ever done in my life.
What’s My Favorite Thing to do on Sabbath? “To visit as many sick members as I possibly can. Each person I’m aware of that’s sick (including those in the church bulletin), are listed in my prayer journal, and I pray for them at my prayer alter. In addition to them, I also pray for our church leaders, the family of God, and that God’s word will reach people worldwide so that he can come back again and take us home to the mansions he’s prepared for his children.

Pastor Cummings was born to his parents, William & Margaret Cummings (both deceased) in St. Petersburg, FL. He is the 2nd of 10 children (3 are deceased).
When Did You Join the SDA Church? “I heard of the SDA message at the age of 16, while attending a tent meeting 1 block from our home. My parents would sit on our porch and hear all of the messages. At the conclusion of those meetings which lasted about 2 months, I made a commitment to unite with the SDA church. Even before I heard about the SDA church, I had a burden to become a minister while growing up in the AME church where our parents required us to attend Sunday School every week. After graduating from High School, I learned about Oakwood College. I told my parents that God would provide as far as my tuition goes. So in addition to working on campus, I entered the Colporteur ministry where I sold books every summer for 6 years to make money to help with my tuition. I graduated from Oakwood College with a theology degree; then completed graduate school at Andrews University with a Masters in Religion.
How long have you been serving in ministry: I started my ministry in the Fall of 1960, and it lasted for 45 years. These are some of the locations where I pastored or we where we served in the ministry:
1. Athens, GA which was my first job pastoring that paid $50/month. I built a church while there which was the first SDA church for blacks.
2. LAKELAND DISTRICT: Lakeland, FL; Bartow, FL; Plant City, FL and Winter Haven, FL. 3. COLUMBIA/SOUTH CAROLINA DISTRICT: Columbia SC, Sumter SC, Johnston, SC, Augusta, GA.
4. FT LAUDERDALE, FL DISTRICT: Ft. Lauderdale, Dania, Hollywood, Pompano Beach – built 2nd church/Salem SDA Church.
5. NORTHEASTERN CONFERENCE (served 28 years):
a. Berean in Boston, MA;
b. Linden SDA Church in Queens, NY (where we purchased a very spacious Jewish Synagogue).
c. Ebenezer SDA in Freeport Long Island, NY.
d. City Tabernacle SDA in NYC
e. Goshen SDA in Brooklyn, NY
f. Appointed the First Field Secretary for the Northeastern Conference
g. Appointed Ministerial Secretary for the Northeastern Conference
6. South Atlantic Conference (after retiring June 2004 and moving to Atlanta, GA):
Voice of Hope SDA Church in Toccoa, GA/ South Atlantic Conference where I currently serve as the Pastor.

If you have not met and gotten to know these “Faces in the Pews”, Pastor and Mrs. Cummings, you are truly missing out. Get to know them today, they are a wonderful, spiritual, kind couple with a true heart for God.
Official Berean SDA Church Photo by © S. Seawood
Pastor Benjamin & Mrs. Lerine P. Cummings